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About Our Rally

Oddballs Rallies are STRICTLY bikes only

The ONLY exception is Blue Badge Holders with a MAXIMUM of 1 Carer (carers must also have a ticket)

We don’t have many rules, but it gets awkward when we have to enforce them and turn people away.

Unless you've got a Blue Badge, everyone has to come through the gates on a motorbike (including trikes and sidecars) with all your gear. Please don't:

  • Park your car down the road and hoof it in with your kit

  • Swing by the gate to drop off your stuff in your car and then stash your car elsewhere

  • Opt for a taxi drop-off/pick-up at the gate

  • Decide to chance it by driving in and hoping we'll make an exception because you've travelled miles to be there

Big thanks to the 99% of you who are totally on board with our bike-only vibe! We're here to have a blast together, so let's not make it awkward by trying to bend the rules. Your co-operation means the world to us!

Get Your Tickets

Pre-Book Only | £20 per ticket | Ticket Limit 650 | Badges for first 300

There are three ways to get your tickets


Click below to buy online, tickets will be subject to a £1.15 booking fee.

SAE - Cheque

SAE to Rob Moon

4a Woodlands, Ironbridge, Shropshire TF8 7PA (please include a contact number)

Cheques payable to Oddballs MCC

In Person

Come and see us and buy in person on Sundays from 7.30pm @

The Malt Shovel Inn Hadley Park Rd, Leegomery, Telford TF1 6QG

Contact Us

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